Matt grew up in a half-Italian, half-Australian household in suburban Melbourne, on the other side of the world to Sicily, where his grandparents immigrated from in the 1950s.

Matt's nonno, Giuseppe, and nonna, Vincenza, brought with them the food, the culture, the history, the language and the loudness of Italy.

At the age of 21, Matt's mum finally let him board a Qantas plane on his own to explore 'where he came from'.

Since then, Matt has made numerous trips to Italy, travelling from Turin and Tuscany to Puglia and Palermo and even hiking to the crater of Mount Vesuvius, all with his camera in hand.

Matt wants to bring the magic of the country into homes with the Azzurro Collection, a series of prints capturing the colour and character of his second-home.

Matt has expanded his photography to include a Pride series and one-off works as part of his Escape to Rottnest Island collection.

Matt is a TV journalist and presenter who lives in Perth, Western Australia, with his children, Florence and Vance.